Does Your Silo’s Roof Need a New Coat of Paint?

Every farmer knows that a good paint job is necessary to preserve any structure. Agriculture can exist in trying climates, and you want to be sure that the facilities you rely on are ready to deal with anything. In this respect, your silos are no different than your home, barns or any other storage facilities. You want to make sure the roofs and siding are in good shape, and that includes keeping fresh coats of paint on tap.

A new silo roof paint coat could be just what the doctor ordered to keep it sustainable and viable for years to come, saving you money and heartache. With this in mind, the team at Great Western Painting has some tips on how to tell if your roof is in need of such a service.

What causes silo roofs to wear down in the first place?

Silo roofs are, not surprisingly, susceptible to the weather. Here in Utah, that can range from sunshine to hail and snow at the drop of a hat, so it’s important that silo roofs are kept in top condition. Even weather like rain can wear down your roof over the years, so needing to paint the surface is a matter of “when,” not “if.” Many farmers are also surprised to learn that the amount of material stored in a silo can affect the roof’s durability—changes in the amount of material can cause the structure to move in and out, causing strain on an inflexible roof.

Why do I need a fresh coat of paint?

Put simply, it’s just good business to at least look into a new silo roof paint coat. If your roof is beaten up, you’ll be in danger of having produce or grain becoming contaminated and therefore unusable. Make sure you regularly monitor the condition of your roof, and don’t hesitate to call in the professionals to have a look and decide if a new coat of paint on the silo’s roof could be what you need to prolong its lifespan and usefulness.

What are the potential benefits of a new paint coat?

Having silo roof painting performed is of course a great way to extend the life of your silo and save you time and money down the road. A lot of farmers are surprised to hear just how many advances have been made in silo painting technology and just how much a benefit this can be to their operations. For example, elastomeric paints are a development that can remove the problem of the roof expanding and contracting with a changing silo load. Elastomeric paints are made to move with these bends, preserving the roof against cracking paint.

Element Coatings is a leader in the space of agricultural and industrial painting, and we feel secure in our 25 years of service to offer qualified and personalized advice on many different issues, including whether a new silo roof paint coat is something a client should explore. Give us a call anytime—we’re happy to talk with you!

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