Lead Paint Abatement

Lead paint was used in commercial and industrial properties for decades. It offered benefits that included drying quickly and being corrosion resistant. However, lead-based coatings have led to a number of health hazards – and it was officially banned from being used in the U.S. in 1978.

Learning about lead paint abatement can help you to create a safer project and ensure that your location is up to the necessary health standards.

At Element Coatings LLC, we are proud to offer comprehensive and professional services to municipalities, distilleries, water treatment plants, mining operations, and more.

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What is Lead Paint Abatement?

Lead abatement is the process in which all lead-based paint hazards are removed from a location. This can be an interior or exterior process depending on where the paint is found.

It’s important to note that lead paint is only a danger once it starts to break down.

The EPA has a full process to inspect and assess the presence of lead and how it should be safely addressed within a location. Anyone who performs the abatement process has to be certified and follow a specific list of work practices.

Depending on where the lead is, how much is present, and what dangers are there, there are a few EPA-approved methods for abatement. This includes enclosure (where the paint is covered with a wall), replacement (where the door, window, or molding with lead paint is replaced), paint removal (where all paint is physically removed), or encapsulation (where the lead paint is coated to remove the dangers).

The Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead-based paint can lead to a number of hazards. As such, you’ll want to identify that you have lead – and that’s a possibility if the building was erected before 1978.

The biggest danger of having lead paint that begins to break down is that it can result in lead poisoning. Some of the symptoms you might encounter include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Joint and muscle paint
  • Mood disorders
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headaches and migraines

In children, you may also find seizures, hearing loss, fatigue, weight loss, and developmental delays.

You’ll often be able to find that lead-based paint is deteriorating by looking for signs. Chipping, cracking, and peeling paint is all a sign that the paint is breaking down. It can lead to flaking, making it easy for it to be airborne and be found by small children and pets.

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You never want to attempt lead paint abatement on your own because there are so many components to the job. At Element Coatings LLC, we have the necessary state and federal certifications to handle lead-based paint abatement properly from start to finish.

We will handle every job with the utmost care, regardless of its size. We’ll perform inspections, monitor the air quality, and contain the dust and debris. We’ll also educate everyone on the site about the safety procedures.

With the many services we offer, can not only remove lead paint but also provide you with a strong, durable coating that is safe for the industry that you work in.

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