Industrial and Commercial Concrete Coating

Concrete coating has been an effective way of creating long-lasting flooring. At Element Coatings, we offer commercial and industrial concrete coating that is backed with warranties so that you know you’re getting a worthwhile investment.

By going the extra step with concrete protective coatings, you can add a premium aesthetic and ensure that the floor will hold up against all of the traffic. Other flooring types may break down over time, leading to slip and falls, staining, and less-than-desirable appearances.

The reality is that an industrial floor coating on your concrete can provide a seamless surface. It’s more durable and it will be safer for your employees, residents, or clients – no matter what activities may be taking place on them.

Over the years, we have provided commercial concrete epoxy coating in schools, entertainment venues, government buildings, and more.

You’ll have the ability to customize the coating to meet the aesthetics of your location while also focusing on the unique aspects of your operations.

  • Finish (smooth or textured)
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Thickness of coating
  • Anti-slip resistance
  • Safety lines

An industrial concrete coating can withstand various chemicals, prevent oil from penetrating the concrete, and more. We can ensure the coating is durable enough for even the most industrial uses, including being able to repel water.

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Concrete Coating Expert Installation

A concrete epoxy coating can be placed on floors of warehouses, offices, hallways, garages, and more. Our expert installers will ensure that the concrete floor is properly prepped to give you the desired aesthetic and efficacy. By choosing Element Coatings, you’ll love the look and can be confident that the floors will stand the test of time.

We have a variety of protective coatings and systems that are capable of meeting the needs of your commercial or industrial location. Our expert installers will talk to you about the options and ensure that your space is well protected.

The Benefits of Concrete Coating

Concrete flooring is one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain. By adding a concrete coating, it also becomes one of the most affordable floors to have in a commercial or industrial setting.

We highly recommend concrete coating your floors at Element Coatings because of the many benefits that are offered.

Easy to clean: Debris and dust can often be swept away without having to mop or scrub the floors.

Coating for every situation: Many coatings are available, ensuring that there is one that’s right for your space.

Economical: The life of concrete coating is significantly higher than vinyl, tile, and other flooring types.

Stain-proof: Concrete won’t stain like many other materials, making it easy to have these in areas where spills are common.

Learn More About Concrete Coating

Explore the benefits of industrial and commercial concrete coating in detail by contacting us at Element Coatings. We can answer your questions and recommend the coating solution that’s right for your location. Once we establish a custom solution that will transform your space, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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