Commercial & Industrial Media Blasting

The secret to a great paint job is proper prep work. At Element Coatings, we take the time to do the job right. For our painting projects, this often means industrial or commercial media blasting. Whether it’s been painted dozens of times throughout the years or there’s surface grime that needs to be removed prior to finishing, our blasting services ensure your surfaces are ready to accept paint.

We’ve provided commercial and industrial media blasting services to customers throughout Utah and across the country, operating safely within your facilities to ensure a quick, safe preparation process.

Conventional blasting

Excellent Equipment

We have abrasive blasting equipment and can use a variety of aggregates to achieve the desired level of surface prep for your project—whether we’re stripping away old finishes or smoothing the surface.

Sand blasting

Experienced Sandblasters

Our experienced commercial and industrial sand blasting specialists use extreme care to strip away surface contaminates before priming and painting. We’ve worked with customers throughout Utah for industrial and commercial sandblasting for a variety of different mediums.

Dustless blasting

Always Safe

In many clean facilities, sandblasting just isn’t feasible. We use a dustless blasting technique and dust-free aggregate to deliver the same level of result without any of the airborne materials.

Media blasting

Deliver Results

From walnut shells to silica, glass to aluminum oxide, we use whatever media is recommended for the job, to ensure the desired effect. Our goal is to deliver results with our commercial and industrial media blasting, without putting your surface at risk.

Hydro blasting

Hydro Blasting Professionals

For silos and holding tanks, commercial and industrial hydro blasting is one of the quickest ways to clean and prep interior surfaces. We employ some of the best industrial and commercial hydro blasting professionals, ready to tackle your project!

Additional Services

Top-Level Results

In addition to blasting services and other prep work, Element Coatings also offer specialty finishing services. These include spray foam insulation and lead-based paint encapsulation. Our teams are highly trained in both practices and always operate with the utmost emphasis on safety. We deliver top-level results in an efficient fashion.

Need Media Blasting?

If your industrial painting project requires additional prep work before it can be properly painted or finished, don’t bother calling another contractor. Trust the team at Element Coatings. We handle industrial and commercial media blasting in any capacity and can provide additional services based on the needs of your project. Reach us today at 801-793-5897 to get a quote on blasting services, along with industrial painting and commercial painting.

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