Industrial & Commercial Painting Services

Painting is a critical component to not only aesthetics but also safety, productivity, and morale. Every industry has unique needs when it comes to interior and exterior painting needs. From large buildings to water towers to airplane hangars, all need a fresh coat of paint from time to time.

Without paint, the appearance can be lackluster. It takes away from the visual appeal and can even have a negative effect on such things as marketing, tourism, and client confidence.

We Focus on Safety

Safety is the number one metric that we measure ourselves by

At the start of every day, before every job and while on the job, we take the time to recognize safety standards. Our team is well-versed in OSHA regulations and trained to recognize their surroundings and any hazards that might be present. As the top industrial painting contractors in Utah, we believe in being stewards for safety.

In addition to our OSHA compliance, we’re also certified by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and Confined Space Certified, giving us the appropriate credentials to work on many jobsites our competitors can’t.

Industrial Painting and Coating Contractors

Industrial painting services can encompass a wide array of buildings and objects. Our professional painters focus on painting interior and exterior spaces, fuel tanks, silos, and much more. We recognize that paint can clean up the appearance of virtually anything within your industry. No two industrial painting projects are ever the same, which means you need to hire experienced industrial building painters to make sure your project gets the unique attention it deserves. Our seasoned team has worked on large-scale industrial projects throughout Utah and across the country. Rest assured, we’ve got the equipment, skill and foresight to do the job right.

We’re certified by the Mine Safety and Health Administration and Confined Space Certified. It’s what allows us to get into the nooks and crannies of every surface that needs to be painted. Even as other painters have said that they cannot paint a particular surface, rest assured that we can – and have likely done so for others in the past.

Our Industrial Painting and Coating Projects

We’ll paint pretty much anything that’s nailed down! We’re known for silo and water tower painting, as well as painting for industrial buildings, factory interiors and exteriors, cargo ships and containers, and much, much more. Some of the most common projects we’re called out on include:

  • Cargo container painting
  • Factory painting
  • Water treatment plants
  • Fuel tanks
  • Water tower painting & water tank painting
  • Shipping container painting
  • Aircraft hangar painting

Interior and Exterior Painting and Coating

Attention to detail that every project deserves

Our crews are experienced at painting both interiors and exteriors, delivering the attention to detail every project deserves. When you need a commercial building painter in Utah that can handle the whole project, inside and out, we’re the ones to call.

Indoors, we take the time to protect all non-painted surfaces to minimize mess and expedite cleanup times. Outdoors, we use environmentally-friendly materials and practice OSHA safety standards at all times. Count on us to do the job right, painting every square inch of your facilities to perfection.

Commercial Painting and Coating Contractors

Presentation is everything when it comes to businesses. A fresh coat of paint can show that you’re not only professional but focused on appearance. Commercial painting services can ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward in order to show that you are a business worth working with.

Throughout Utah, we provide a number of commercial coating services. We can handle every aspect of what your business has to offer. Whether it requires a special UV coating or simply a coat of paint, we can handle it. Height is no issue as we have the skilled painters and equipment to reach even the highest high-rises in the state.

We’ve painted schools, resorts, city buildings, apartment buildings, and more. We understand how paint works and how this is an investment in the overall appearance of your commercial building. We can make recommendations on paints and coatings to ensure you get the long-lasting look that you’re after.

Our Commercial Painting and Coating Projects

We’re proud to have a robust portfolio of completed projects, showcasing our broad abilities. Whether you’re looking for someone to paint hundreds of hotel room interiors or need casino painting to put the façade on your building, rest assured we’ve worked on a similar project. Some of the many diverse project we’ve worked on include:

  • Casino painting
  • High-rise building painting
  • Hotel & apartment complex painting
  • Large commercial building painting
  • Office building painting
  • Hospital painting
  • Resort painting
  • School painting

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Painting is different for every client. It’s not just about what is being painted, either. It’s about the dimensions, the type of paint, and what coatings are needed to offer sufficient protection against the elements.

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