Apply Extra Coatings to Your Paint Jobs

Use a water tank lining in Herriman, Sandy, Utah & Salt Lake City, UT

Protective coatings make a big difference when it comes to painting. Element Coatings applies water tank linings and other similar coatings. We'll go over what you need and proceed with the necessary coating services.

The tank linings we use:

  • Help the tank stay durable and protected
  • Resist corrosion in metallic and concrete tanks
  • Can work on troughs, filter beds and clarifiers
Discuss the water tank lining you need in Herriman, Sandy, Utah & Salt Lake City, UT.

Add a sealant to your tanks

Add a sealant to your tanks

The coatings we use are effective for all kinds of water tanks, including elevated tanks and ground tanks. We can also use coatings on pit fillers and underground tanks. We're happy to use whichever equipment or brand you prefer. Your comfort and convenience are important to us.

Let us know right away when you need ground tank coatings in Herriman & Salt Lake City, UT.