What You Need to Know About Hydro Blasting

Commercial cleaning is essential when it comes to keeping buildings looking great and minimizing wear and tear, but many business owners have a hard time keeping up with routine cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, there are a lot of commercial cleaning options to keep buildings in the best shape possible. Keep reading to find out more about hydro blasting and why it’s such a good option for cleaning commercial buildings.

Hydro blasting basics

Hydro blasting is a method that’s designed to clean exterior surfaces. Hydro blasting is done using specialized equipment that delivers highly pressurized water to remove grime and debris deposits. Because of the high level of pressure produced by hydro blasting equipment, this process is very effective at cleaning a wide range of surface, even those with deep stains and large deposits of grime.

Hydro blasting is used for cleaning and surface prep. In addition to the cleaning capabilities of hydro blasting equipment, this equipment can also be used to remove industrial coatings and strip paint from certain commercial and industrial surfaces. Because of how powerful hydro blasting is, it’s not appropriate for all surfaces. Hydro blasting is most commonly used to treat and prep concrete.

Why invest in hydro blasting?

A lot of business owners who consider investing in commercial hydro blasting in Utah are hesitant to spend the money on these services. However, the benefits of hydro blasting make it well worth the investment. Here are a few of the most significant advantages of investing in hydro blasting services:

  • Speed: One of the most significant benefits of commercial hydro blasting in Utah is that it is very fast and effective. The powerful pressure used for hydro blasting services makes it an extremely quick and efficient way to prep surfaces for painting or to remove coatings.
  • Safe to use: A lot of business owners worry that commercial hydro blasting in Utah will damage concrete surfaces, but the reality is that this method is surprisingly gentle. Hydro blasting is designed to get rid of grime without causing any damage to the concrete surfaces underneath. This allows business owners to enjoy all the benefits of commercial hydro blasting without being concerned about damage to their commercial property.
  • Environmental friendliness: Another benefit of commercial hydro blasting is that all it uses is air and water. With no added chemicals or treatments, hydro blasting is a very eco-friendly way to prep a surface. In addition, the lack of chemicals means hydro blasting doesn’t create any health risks for workers or people in the vicinity of hydro blasting equipment.

Commercial media blasting

At Great Western Painting, we know how effective commercial hydro blasting in Utah can be, and we’re committed to providing the best hydro blasting services to our customers. As a full-service commercial and industrial painting company, we are proud to offer a wide range of services to keep buildings throughout the area looking great. Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for your commercial building!

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