Dustless Blasting: No Water Needed

Dustless blasting is becoming a method of choice for coating removal, corrosion removal and surface preparation. While it’s true that no method can be completely dust free, this waterless method can reduce dust levels by 97 percent. How does it work? Here’s what you need to know about dustless blasting in Draper, UT.

Dry ice blasting basics

This technique uses solid carbon dioxide pellets to prepare and clean surfaces. The pellets travel at supersonic speeds to remove dirt and contaminants from the substrate. Upon impact, the pellets turn into gas. The result is an effective method that does not require water and generates very little dust. By adding an abrasive to the blast stream, technicians can further increase the effectiveness of this method.

Benefits of dry ice blasting with abrasives

Using this method to prepare surfaces offers several advantages. First, it produces far less dust and waste than traditional methods of preparation. This makes it more environmentally friendly and safer for technicians. Operators enjoy greater visibility, which makes the job safer and easier. This blasting method also requires less abrasive media, making it easier and more economical to use.

Since this solution does not involve water, it also cleans faster than other methods. When used with abrasives, water slows down the process and makes it less efficient. Dry ice blasting uses thermal shock and thermal-kinetic effects that make it more efficient.

Additionally, this type of dustless blasting in Draper, UT requires no secondary wash because it does not leave a residue on the surface. Further, because no water is used for dustless blasting, drying time is not required. These benefits reduce the overall time required for the job, since it eliminates tedious cleanup and costly waste disposal.

Dry ice blasting experts

Of course, this specialized technique is not suitable for everyone. Dustless blasting in Draper, UT requires the right knowledge, skill and tools for optimal results. If your project could benefit from dustless blasting, contact experts who are experienced with this type of task. Look for a company that is established in the industry and has proven experience with dustless blasting.

As you consider companies, ask for references and read reviews. Find out what others have experienced with the technicians. This will help you find a quality team you can depend on for dustless blasting.

We are your dustless blasting experts

When you need dustless blasting in Draper, CT, get in touch with the team at Great Western Painting. We are the area’s go-to full-service commercial and industrial painting company. We have worked on projects over most of the United States, painting for a wide range of industries and locales, including water towers, industrial tanks, high-rise buildings, casinos, resorts, theme parks, factories, chemical plants and more. Our experts specialize in providing high-quality blasting services and would love to save you time, money and hassle by applying the best innovative techniques to your next project. Reach our team today at 801-793-5897 with any questions or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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