Do I Need Sandblasting or Media Blasting Service?

Sandblasting is actually a type of media blasting. Media blasting describes a process during which rust, layers of paint and more are removed from certain surfaces. Sand is just the type of “media” used during sandblasting. If you have a metal surface that requires blasting, you’re probably wondering which type of blasting service to use. This can depend on your exact needs and the preferences of your local shop. Most types of media blasting will get the job done, though.

Sandblasting and other types of media blasting have a number of similarities, especially when it comes to the jobs they’re meant to perform. When it comes to media blasting, there are a variety of different materials used besides sand, including plastic beads, walnut shells and much more.

If you’re confused about which type of blasting service you need, it’s best to check with a local Utah professional with experience providing commercial sandblasting and media blasting services.

More about media blasting

Sandblasting and other types of media blasting often use a blasting tool, which shoots thin streams of the blasting material onto a surface at extremely high speeds. This process was first developed by an American inventor named Benjamin Chew Tilghman in the 1870s.

The different types of media blasting utilize the same kind of equipment, which usually includes a handheld nozzle and air compressor. Most of the time, these air compressors are diesel-powered and portable, making it easy to blast the entire desired surface. Blasting professionals are also required to wear certain pieces of safety equipment, which usually include a blast hood, some form of hearing protection, a protective suit and more.

The differences between sandblasting and other types of media blasting

The main difference when it comes to sandblasting and media blasting is the materials used. Sandblasting, of course, uses fine sand to get the job done, while media blasting can utilize a multitude of different materials. Other forms of media blasting might include aluminum oxide blasting, crushed glass grit blasting, plastic abrasive blasting and much more. A commercial media blasting professional in Utah can easily determine which type of media is best for your surface.

Purposes of sandblasting and media blasting

Some professionals prefer to use sandblasting over other forms of media blasting, and vice versa. Some use both methods to clean a surface in preparation for paint. Media blasting is one of the best ways to ensure an object is clear of any blemishes before it’s painted. A good blasting service can also remove an old layer of paint to make room for a new one!

It’s never a good idea to attempt sandblasting or any other type of media blasting on your own. The process is extremely dangerous, which is why professionals always wear their safety equipment.

For all your sandblasting and other media blasting needs, contact Great Western Painting. We offer fair prices on commercial media blasting services to all Utah business owners, and specialize in doing our work in a variety of industrial settings. Reach out to learn more!

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