What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Painting?

If you own a building or structure that needs to be painted, you might assume that commercial and industrial painting services in Utah are the same thing—after all, the end result is a brand-new coat of paint. However, industrial and commercial painting projects are actually handled differently from each other, and when you invest in a new paint job, it’s important to know what you need so you don’t waste money and time.

The difference between commercial and industrial painting

The main difference between these two types of painting is who will be using the building or structure. A retail space where customers are shopping, for example, will be approached in a much different way than a water tank that has to stand up to severe weather. Commercial painting projects take design and evoking emotion into account just as much as durability, whereas industrial painting focuses on durability first and foremost.

In a lot of ways, commercial painting is similar to residential painting. While we want the paint to last, we also want a customer to feel invited and welcomed. Typically, a latex paint will not only dry fast enough so that the store won’t be out of commission for long, but will be strong enough to stand up to the mild abuse that retail shoppers can inflict upon the walls and fixtures.

Industrial painting, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Industrial painting needs to stand up to much more abuse—from elements, machinery and humans—so the primary focus is on finding a paint that can handle the job. Oil-based paints are often used in this case, since they last longer than latex (but also take longer to dry), along with a varnish or top coat for additional protection

When deciding how to handle your business’s next painting project, consider where your structure is located, how it will be used, who is using it and what your main goals for painting are. For most Utah clients, it will be obvious after reading this what kind of commercial or industrial painting services they’ll need.

Choosing the right painting service

When choosing a painting company, don’t just go with the first company you call or the one who can give you the lowest price—sometimes low prices come at the expense of good quality. We suggest comparing reviews and testimonials, licenses and insurance and specific expertise in painting your kind of structure. You should also consider the company’s proposed schedule, their reasoning, their approach to customer service and their overall history. A little research can save you a lot of time and money down the road.

Commercial and industrial painting services in Utah

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