What Causes Coating Failures?

To the casual observer, adding a layer of paint to a room, building or storage tank seems relatively straightforward. You pick a color you like, tape up the parts you don’t want to be painted and then get to work. If that’s the philosophy you’re bringing to a new coat of paint for your business, you should stop and take a step back. If you’re not careful, a lot can go wrong with a paint and surface coating. Perhaps the worst part about coating failures is the sheer variety of ways that a coating may fail if applied improperly. Here are some of the most common.

Alligator cracking

You likely realize that when you’re adding a coating to a building or tank, you’re going to need to put on more than one coat. Don’t get ahead of yourself, though. It’s critical that you wait for the undercoat to dry before you put on a second layer. When people get in a rush and apply their final layer on top of a wet undercoat, the surface of their structure begins to take on the appearance of an alligator’s skin.


In environments that are either humid or sunny (or both), your top layer of paint may have trouble adhering to the bottom layer. When this happens to paint and surface coatings, part of the top layer of paint will pull away from the bottom layer, creating the appearance of blisters on the surface of your structure.

The only remedy for alligator cracking and bubbling is to remove as much paint as possible and start the job over. As you can imagine, that’s a time-consuming and costly chore you’d probably like to avoid.


Every few years, you’ll want to hire a professional to check up on your paint coating because, regardless of how well you take care of your paint job, it will eventually need touch-ups and replacement. If you notice bits of paint flaking off or leaving a chalky residue, then it’s a sign that your paint has reached the end of its lifespan.

It’s all in the prep

When you’re painting a new site, the preparation plays a massive part. The surface should be cleaned and dried before you begin to put your first coat of paint on a tank or building. When you enlist a professional to help you, they will have all of the tools required to ensure that the surface of your structure is ready to paint.

Your painting pros

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