Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Painter

Painting your commercial building is an investment, and in order to get the best results, you’ll need to do a little research. Hiring the first commercial painting contractors you find in Utah could be a recipe for disaster—many companies lack the licensing and insurance that will protect you from damage, poor workmanship and injuries on the job.

The best solution to finding the right company for your commercial painting project is to call or set up a meeting with them—and bring this list of questions along. Then you can compare their prices and schedule along with their policies and procedures.

Here’s what to ask a prospective commercial painting company in Utah.

What kind of licensing and insurance do you have?

At a minimum, your painting company should have a business license and contractor’s license, plus comprehensive business liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance. Checking to ensure these licenses and policies are valid will help protect you in case of damage or injury.

Do you have experience in this kind of project?

Of course, you need to know that your painting contractor can perform this specific service—ask to see examples of similar work they’ve done in the past.

Do you offer warranties or guarantees?

Does the company stand behind the product? Ask them what happens if the workmanship is unsatisfactory or doesn’t hold up for the expected amount of time.What’s your proposed time schedule?There’s no point in hiring a contractor who can’t finish the job when you need it—be sure to ask when they think work could begin, how long it should take and what extenuating circumstances could make it take longer.

What’s included in your pricing?

Many customers make the mistake of only asking how much the general price is without asking what it includes (and doesn’t include). Avoid surprise fees or material costs by getting this information up front.

Do you have former or current customers I can contact?

Great companies will not only be able to show you examples of their workmanship, but they should also be able to put you in touch with former or current customers so you can get personal testimonials. Check online reviews and the Better Business Bureau to round out your research.What type of materials do you use?Finally, knowing what kind of materials the company uses is important—cheap or low-quality materials simply won’t hold up as well, even if the overall cost is lower.

Contact a commercial painting company in Utah

Don’t trust your commercial painting project to just anyone—you need a team you can rely on for flawless, fast results. Great Western Painting is licensed and insured,and has a history of happy clients dating back to 1995. Our commercial painting contractors in Utah will be happy to paint your building’s interior and exterior to your specifications. Call us today to find out why we’re the right company for the job.We look forward to telling you all about what we can do!

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