Five Reasons to Paint Your Shipping Containers

Whether you rely on your shipping containers to move freight around the world or you purchased one to turn into a storage shed, cabin or other creative project, painting shipping containers is one of the best ways to protect them. Containers face constant assault from weather elements, and you need to take steps to help them remain intact. Here are five reasons to protect shipping containers by painting them:

  • Preserve structural integrity: Shipping containers likely traveled the entire globe in their 10- to 15-year lifespan. During these trips, they likely sustained dents, rust and scrapes, and incurred their fair share of paint chips and scratches. When metal under paint is exposed, it may rust and affect whether your shipping container remains in one piece. A good coat of paint slows down this corrosion.
  • Cosmetic improvement: Perhaps you wish to color code your shipping containers based on the type of cargo, or you want that shipping container office or storage shed to simply look a little nicer. Scratched and rusted containers do not offer the same aesthetic appeal as newly painted ones. This can be a chance to express yourself with a truly custom look, whether you want a color that is noticed or one that simply smooths out the container’s surface.
  • The options: You have many options when protecting your shipping containers with a bit of paint. The only limitation is to use marine grade paint to protect shipping containers, since it can withstand the elements. But from there, you can choose basic colors or even fluorescent, metallic or pearlescent colors. You can match your home or use your corporate logo colors. Basically, you are never stuck with just one color, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to use your imagination.
  • Easy to apply: While you may prefer leaving this up to the professionals, there is no reason an intrepid do-it-yourselfer could not take on this task. Use a brush or spray, depending on your preference. If you decide to spray on the paint, add thinners to ensure application is even. For a basic job, you only need to remove old paint, dirt and rust before adding a coat. No primer is required. If you plan on using the container for shipping, be sure to leave essential markings and data untouched so they can be recognized.
  • Fix damage: If your shipping container sustained surface damage, paint will fix it. By adding paint, you fill in scratches and faded spots resulting from rust. Dents are less noticeable, and once you add the paint, the shipping container is less likely to sustain damage in the future. Now, if the container has more extensive damage, like breakage at the joints or holes in the container, you will need to repair these spots before painting. Then, the paint will protect those spots and make repair scars less noticeable.

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