What Is the Process Used for High Rise Painting?

High rise buildings present some unique challenges for construction, maintenance and painting. Today we’re focusing on “abseiling,” the process used for painting high rise buildings.

The term “abseiling” comes from the German “abseilen,” a verb that means “to rope down.” This gives you an idea of what the abseiling process entails. Teams of workers scale down buildings using ropes to access points that might otherwise be impossible to reach with machinery.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about the process of high rise painting with abseiling in Utah.

All about abseiling

There are a lot of challenges associated with reaching high points of buildings for painting or repair work. Obviously, ladders and machinery can only reach so high. Cranes and scaffolding can be of assistance, but these methods of reaching these heights are extremely expensive for something as simple as painting or cleaning.

Abseiling techniques can be used to achieve these significant heights by using a special rope access method that does not involve the use of heavy machinery. In addition, when using a crane, there is always the danger that surrounding areas could sustain some damage, but this is not a risk associated with abseiling. Scaffolding techniques, meanwhile, are not only more expensive, but they can block off the view from the building for a long period of time and make it difficult to obtain a good quality finish.

With abseiling, one uses a rope secured from the point from which they want to abseil down. It could be from the top of the building, or from a window somewhere a little lower down. The rope can just be attached to a harness around the waist of the painter with a friction device.

The person who will abseil leans out backwards while facing the building, ensuring they start the descent properly. One hand is used to control the speed of the descent, and the other hand holds on to the second rope on top. The friction device on the harness provides additional control over the speed, and keeps the person in full control of the descent. Most high rise buildings are painted using this technique.

It is important for anyone who will be abseiling to note any potential challenges or obstructions before they head down, both for the purpose of preventing potential injury as well as to make sure these obstructions do not prevent a high-quality paint job.

Obviously, this is not a painting tactic that just anyone can employ. It is important to only work with teams of professionals who are highly trained in this painting process and who have the safety equipment to get the job done properly. Any contractor you work with should be licensed and insured for your protection, as well as their own.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of painting high rise buildings through abseiling in Utah, we encourage you to contact the professional painters at Element Coatings. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have for us about the services we provide!

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