The Process of Painting High-Rise Commercial Buildings

Painting high-rise buildings is no small task. However, business and condo owners expect their spaces to be beautiful, and that includes a fresh coat of paint when necessary. If you manage a high rise, you likely wonder how we’re able to do the job with attention and quality. Here are the four steps to our process:

  • Inspection: It’s important that we know the nature of the project. A thorough inspection checks the surface material and its condition and access. Hard-to-reach places may be neglected by other painters, but never by us. During the inspection, we secure a paint sample so we know the correct color and test paint adhesion. There is no point in painting unless the effort lasts, so it is important that we determine the best type of paint for your high rise.
  • Prepare surface: Sixty to 70 percent of paint failures arise from companies failing to properly prepare the surface, so we take this step very seriously. It starts with a thorough cleaning and sanding to remove dirt and debris. Otherwise, the paint may not adhere. If there are glossy surfaces, we may scarify them so the paint sticks. We also fill cracks, dents and holes to create a smoother surface. Before we paint, it is recommended that you check window joints and walls to see if they need caulking. Once the surface is ready, we mask unpainted areas to prevent overspray and drips.
  • Priming: Much like cars, high-rise buildings also need to be primed before painting. The primer is a base layer that adds to paint adhesion. We will choose a primer based on your building’s surface and any challenges that arose during inspection.
  • Painting: Finally, it’s time to paint! We paint walls, molding, cornices and flashing. If requested, we may also address signs and canopies, as well as any metal fixtures. Paint mixes to specifications, and we adjust temperature and coat thickness based on your building’s properties. We normally apply two coats to ensure optimal appearance and to create a look that lasts for the long term. Drying occurs quickly, but there will be signage to keep your customers and employees from touching wet paint.

Once finished, we recommend you paint your building every 10 years. This will protect it from weather elements and toxins in the air and keep your building looking its best. If you start to notice failures such as blistering, cracking, flaking or checking, it may be time to paint. These are also signs of poor application process, so you may need to change paint contractors if this is a frequent occurrence after your building is painted. If this occurs after one of Element Coatings jobs, let us know—we will make it right.

Element Coatings is your commercial painting expert. Our thorough work approach makes us a favorite when it comes to many industries, including industrial, hospitality and manufacturing. Whether you manage condos or A-rated office space, it is important to make a good first impression and maintain your buildings well. Contact us today to receive an estimate for painting high-rise buildings.

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