Why Should Your Business Use Reflective Roof Coatings?

Your business’s roof isn’t just a means of protecting your interior—it’s also one of the biggest contributing factors to your property’s energy efficiency. Your roof will either absorb or reflect solar radiation, and that difference will go a long way toward determining how much energy you need to use to heat or cool your property. Talk to your commercial painting company in Draper, UT about your roof coating options!

Reflective roof coatings provide you with a simple means of repelling some of the sun’s energy. In doing so, you reduce the outdoor environment’s ability to affect your indoor climate, which can have some positive effects on your energy usage and heating bills.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about reflective roof coatings for your business.

What Are Reflective Coatings?

As you likely know, darker colors tend to absorb the sun, while lighter colors reflect it. But in addition to color, the reflectivity or sheen of the surface also plays a role. The more reflective the surface is, the more you’ll be able to repel heat from the surface.

If too much heat gets into a structure through the roof, it can make the interior extremely hot, especially if there are issues with the envelope of the building that prevent heat from flowing upward. This would mean it would cost you significantly more money to keep your air conditioning running and your property at the temperature you find most comfortable during the summer.

Adding a reflective surface makes it easier for you to keep the structure cool during the summer, but also warm during the winter. There are some types of shingle designs that include reflective granules, but this isn’t necessarily the optimal solution for businesses that have large roofs or do not have the money necessary to completely swap out their shingles. Roof replacement can lead to interruptions in business, beyond just being an inconvenience or a big financial commitment.

This is where reflective coatings come in. These coatings are a light color and feature ingredients designed to improve reflectivity on roof surfaces, while also keeping air temperature low. Professional commercial painters in Draper, UT can apply these coatings in mere hours.

In choosing the coating you will add to your roof, the primary factor to consider will be the solar reflectance index (SRI), which takes into account the amount of solar energy reflected by the roof during the day, as well as the treated roof’s ability to radiate the absorbed heat. SRI is measured on a zero to 100 scale, with 100 being best, meaning the higher the number, the better the reflectivity.

While reflective roof coatings do represent an initial investment, the long-term payoff and savings can be significant when you consider the amount of energy you stand to conserve as a result of its application.

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