Three Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Exterior Painting Job This Summer

If you own a business and your building needs a new paint job, you may be tempted to try to do it yourself or have some of your employees perform the task. While this could theoretically work, it is unlikely to get the best results.

Hiring a commercial building painter in Utah would be a wise decision. There are several legitimate reasons to enlist the help of commercial painters in Utah, and that’s what this article will cover. Here are three reasons to hire professionals to paint your commercial building’s exterior this summer.

Excellent Quality of Work

This is the main reason to hire a professional service for your exterior painting project. A professional service has the knowledge, skills and experience in exterior painting that you or your employees presumably do not. If painting is someone’s profession, they are going to put a great amount of time and effort into it to ensure it looks great.

And this is especially important if you’re having a commercial property painted. Appearances and first impressions matter, and if your business has a fresh, clean, new coat of paint, potential customers will surely take notice and be more willing to give your business a shot.

The Right Equipment

Should you choose to undertake this painting project yourself, you would have to buy an array of different painting materials, including brushes, paint, ladders and possibly even scaffolding, depending on the size of your building—and this is without factoring in the cleanup process when the job is complete.

A professional painting service will have all the requisite equipment in addition to their expertise and knowledge. They would know which type of brush to use and whether they could perform the job with ladders or if constructing scaffolding is necessary. The fact that they would clean up after themselves is a bonus.


In addition to being time-consuming and difficult work, painting an entire commercial building can also be hazardous if you or your employees are inexperienced. The absolute last thing you would need as a business owner is a serious injury to you or one of your employees, which could open you up to liability or force you to pay workers’ comp.

But professional painters would not only have proficiency and ability when it comes to painting—they would be well-versed in safety procedures too. Most professional painters have gone through rigorous safety training and aren’t allowed on the job until they have completed the required courses and are certified. Working with materials while traversing up and down ladders is routine for them, which is probably not something that you could say for you or your employees.

Call to Schedule your Paint Job Today

Listed above are three key reasons out of several as to why you should hire a commercial building painter in Utah. Another one is that it would reduce your stress level and take one more thing off your plate. So, if you’re in the market for a commercial painter in Utah, give us a call at (801)793-5897. We have over 30 years of industry experience, and we’d love to make your commercial building shine.

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