Selecting the Right Coating: What You Should Know

If only an expert commercial painting company in Draper, UT would invent a magic coating that works for every application—selecting your coating would be simple! Since this magical solution does not exist, it’s important to understand a few main concepts as you choose your coating.

Fortunately, there are many coatings that are versatile. However, certain projects require specific coatings for optimal results. As you consider your next project, ask yourself the following key questions to determine which coating is best for the task.

Why are you coating?

This question is deeper than you might think. Do you need to quickly apply a coat that simply freshens appearances? Or are you hoping to add a protective layer that will preserve something for the next 20 years? Many projects fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Carefully consider the goals of the coating job, as this will determine which products should be used by your commercial painting company in Draper, UT.

What exposure will the coating face?

Another important factor is the environment to which the coating will be exposed. As you consider this question, keep the following in mind:

  • Interior or exterior location
  • Elevated temperature conditions
  • Harsh chemical exposure
  • Insulation
  • Thermal cycling
  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Potential for abrasions
  • Condition of the substrate
  • Condition of existing coatings

Your commercial painting company in Draper, UT will have to consider each of these factors to determine which coating is best for your project.

When, where and how?

What are the specific logistics of the coating project? Will your commercial painting company in Draper, UT spray the coating in a shop? Will it have to be done on location? Does it need to be brushed or rolled instead of sprayed? How quickly does the project need to be completed? Answering these when, where and how questions will further narrow the parameters to reveal which coating option is the top choice.

How long should the coating last?

For some projects, the expectation is for a coating to last 30 years. For others, the coating may be a temporary fix that only needs to last a couple of years. Of course, longer-lasting coatings have a higher cost. This makes your budget an important factor to consider. The customer and the commercial painting company in Draper, UT must work together to reach acceptable terms regarding both budget and expectations for the longevity of the coating. Working with experienced professionals is key for this part of the selection process.

We know coatings

You can trust your next coating project to the team at Element Coatings LLC. We are a full-service commercial and industrial painting company with experience painting for a wide range of industries and locales, including water towers, industrial tanks, high-rise buildings, casinos, resorts, theme parks, factories, chemical plants and more. Partner with our expert team to ensure your next project is a success. We’ll help you choose the best products for the best results, and apply our in-depth knowledge and skills to complete the job on time. Contact us today at 801-793-5897.

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