Reasons to Repaint Your Commercial Business

How long has it been since you last painted your commercial building? Since it’s the first thing most customers, clients and vendors see, it has a big impact on your company’s first impression. Sun, wind, dust, snow and rain all take their toll on your paint job, leaving it looking dirty and dingy. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

Here are the best reasons to invest in commercial painting in Utah:

  • Eliminate fading, peeling and cracking: Often, paint damage is the most obvious reason to paint your commercial building. Even if the paint itself is free from chips, peeling and cracks, it can still fade or look grimy. A fresh coat of paint in the same color will revitalize your building and make it look brand new.
  • Make your business look more modern: The older your business looks, the more limited its appeal will be. Most commercial buildings can benefit from looking as new and on-trend as possible. Research what’s popular in commercial buildings across the city and state to get an idea of what’s new and what’s considered dated.
  • Improve curb appeal: If you want to appeal to customers and make sure you get plenty of foot traffic, improving your curb appeal will help. A crisp new paint job gives the impression that you care about your company. In turn, your potential customers will have a more favorable impression of the business—it shows that you care about maintaining the building and neighborhood, and likely have the same values regarding your products and services.
  • Keep your building’s market value high: When you own a commercial building, keeping up its market value benefits you and your community. A well-maintained and freshly-painted building improves its value, enables you to charge higher rent and reflects well on the rest of the neighborhood’s property values.
  • Look better than your competitors: If you want to visually stand out from the crowd, paint your building. It’ll automatically make the neighboring buildings look older in comparison. When given the choice between a modern, well-maintained storefront and a dirty, fading one, customers will pick the nicer one nearly every time.
  • Protect the building: Paint is also good for protecting the building itself. The elements damage paint over time, which exposes the building to sun, wind and water damage. You can protect the exterior by repainting periodically.
  • Rebrand your business: If you’re in the middle of rebranding, a new paint color can visually declare the change. Whether bright or neutral, consider redoing your building to match your new logos and concept.

No matter the reason you decide to repaint your commercial building, it’s a smart decision all around. Working with the best commercial business painting services in Utah 84020 ensures that you’ll get great results all around. Element Coatings can help—we’re a full-service commercial and industrial painting company with more than 25 years of industry experience. No matter what kind of painting project you’re undertaking, we can pull it off flawlessly. Call today to get started.

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